How do Internet credit card transaction work?
There are two ways a web based merchant can accept credit cards from their customers: Live Real-Time payments and non-Real-Time:

1) Customer visits your website, shops, and wants to pay with a credit card. Customer enters in the credit card information.

2) Based on the type of merchant account the merchant has, Real-Time or non-Real-Time, The card information can flow one of two ways. Real-Time: the card information flows to the processing center/payment gateway. Or non-Real-Time: the merchant captures the credit card information via a secured form and than manually enters in the card information to the processing center/payment gateway.

3) The processor/bank verifies the card information and either approves or declines the card holder.

4) If the card holder is approved, the amount is moved from the card holder's bank to the merchant's processing bank. The merchant's processing bank then moves the money to the merchant's local checking account. The transaction is complete.

Why don't I just go to my local bank?
Unfortunately, when it comes to smaller businesses, especially home based businesses, most banks will not approve this type of account.

How do I apply?
Just fill out the online application and return it to us. We will do a pre-approval. Once pre-approved, we will send you that paperwork to sign. This process normally takes 5 working days.

What if my application is declined?
Very few applicants are declined. If you are declined you have no obligation, so why not apply? 

I have a bad credit rating, is this a problem?
Probably not. Most applications are declined due to current bankruptcy or tax lien. There are no hassles, no strict credit requirements, and NO FEES TO APPLY, so why not apply?

What equipment do I get? Must I purchase it, or can I lease it?
You have the option of many state-of-the-art electronic terminals. The equipment may be purchased or leased.

What are my leasing options?
You can get a one or two year lease. These are all lease-to-own plans. The lease has a 10% buy out option at the end. It is a business lease and therefore 100% tax-deductible. Just as important, it will not show up on your personal credit report as a credit liability.

Can I use my computer, instead of a terminal to process the sales?
Yes, you can purchase or lease the software for the same amount as the electronic terminal.

Do I receive any training on the equipment?
We will contact you when your terminal arrives to fully train you on all equipment at NO charge.

Is there a Merchant service phone number that I can call if I need help?
You will be provided with an (800) number to handle any questions.

What are discount rates?
Every bank charges discount points to merchants. Discount rates are the percentage of each transaction that the processing company charges to handle the transaction for you. Our discount points are guaranteed to be at the lowest cost.

When can I expect the money from the sales to appear in my bank account?
Usually, the money will appear in your account within 24-48 hours after you have reconciled your daily business.

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