Are "Free" Equipment Programs Really Free?

1st American Card Service strives to offer the best overall pricing possible. With that said, when searching for the deal that makes the most sense for your business, you need to compare apples-to-apples. While many companies claim to be giving away “free” equipment and huge rebates, you should ask yourself - “Is this really free?”

As the saying goes - “Nothing worthwhile in life comes without a price”. So how are some companies providing credit card equipment for “free” or "free credit card terminal Placement"? It’s simple really, they will collect the money one way or another; and we hope you take the time to determine if this type of program is beneficial or actually more costly.

Our company offers equipment for Free Placement, but the equipment must be returned if the service is no longer needed. This is the only way a merchant could have equipment at no cost.

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Things to look for:

Long-Term Contracts
Many credit card processors have a 3-year term found hidden within their contract. This means that if after a year you find a better deal…you’re stuck! 1st American Card Service is so confident you'll remain a satisfied customer; you are free to cancel your Credit Card Processing Agreement, any time, penalty free.

1st American Card Service has no long term contract.

Cancellation Fees
Commonly, cancellation fees are assessed when service is cancelled prior to the binding term found within the merchant agreement. They may charge $195-$700 plus a percentage of “lost income” for early termination. Again, if you find a better deal prior to the expiration of your contract and leave, or simply go out of business you will be personally libel and charged the cancellation fee. Additionally, many of these companies will require you to return the “free” equipment if the full 3-year term is not satisfied.

1st American Card Service has no cancellation Fees.

Annual Fees
Many credit card processors will charge an Annual Membership Fee. The industry average is $75-$125. Therefore, if you are committed to a non-cancelable contract of 3 years and each year you are assessed a $75 annual fee, you quickly see the word “free” loses its meaning.

1st American Card Service has no annual Fees.

Batch Fees
This is the accumulation of captured credit card transactions in the merchant's terminal or POS awaiting settlement. Many processors charge a daily batch fee of $0.25 or more; this adds up to $7.50 or more a month in additional charges! Remember, many credit card processors have a 3-year term. So, let’s look at this mathematically. If batch fees are assessed daily, you pay $270 in additional fees over 3 years.

$7.50 (monthly in batch fees) x 12 months = $90 per year x 3-year contract = $270 in extra fees over the life of the contract just for the privilege of using their service.

1st American Card Service has no additional batch Fees.

Proprietary Equipment
Many companies password-protect their credit card machines, also known as "Locked Machines". This simply means the “free” equipment is not interchangeable with other companies. What this really means is while you are charged additional fees for the “free” machine, it was never YOURS. Rather, they are lending it to you while you remain their customer.

1st American Card Service allows you to use purchase equipment with any provider.

Monthly Minimums
Most Merchant Service Providers have a $25 minimum monthly quota for Visa/MasterCard fees. If the minimum quota is not met within the month, the merchant account provider will make up the difference with additional fees. For example, let’s say your discount rate is 2% and you processed $1,000 for the month, then that would be $20 in discount fees (0.02% X $1,000). If your monthly minimum was $25, then you would be charged the $5 difference in order to meet the $25 minimum.

1st American Card Service charges a very low minimum.

While we all like to hear the word “free”, we also need to remember that no business, yours included, can survive without turning a profit. Although promotions set forth by businesses often use the word “free” liberally, only research can determine if this is a valid representation of the truth. Add it all up and you will see that you are really paying for the "free" equipment many times over.

We will meet and beat all offers, even free offers. We will show you true costs and prices. If 1st American Card Service can be of any assistance during your research phase, please feel free to contact us.

As Always…We look Forward to Exceeding Your Expectations!

Please also read the Free Report, "Top 10 Merchant Account Mistakes" before you sign with any provider. This report is guaranteed to save you money.

FREE REPORT: Top 10 Merchant Account Mistakes

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